Geoff Uglow was born and raised in Cornwall, but trained at the Glasgow School of Art, where he won numerous awards, including the John Cunningham Award and the McKendrick Scholarship. Following his degree he was awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship to study at the British School of Rome, where he studied for two years, before returning to his native Cornwall, where he now lives and works.


Working in carefully layered paint, in a manner that has become almost sculptural, Uglow’s technique is inspired in equal measure by Roman frescoes and Modernist painting. Taking the tradition of landscape painting and its relation to Romantic poetry as his subject, Uglow explores the notion of history and its meaning in the present.


In his most recent series ‘Quercus Robur’ Uglow has focused on the form of the English Oak. Using this motif as a starting point, Uglow has created objects that serve as visual epitaphs to the British landscape, named after the poets that inspired them. Early works from this series were exhibited in Dusseldorf in 2012, with later works exhibited at Connaught Brown in 2013.