Shani Rhys James – ‘Home’, Dean Clough Galleries

Shani Rhys James will be exhibiting as part of the exciting group show ‘Home’ at the Crossley Gallery from 7th June – 7th September. The Crossley Gallery is one of the largest contemporary arts spaces in Yorkshire and belongs to the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax.


This exhibition sets out to explore what a home is and why we seek it. Most people associate 'home' with a locale and a sense of security, but as art psychotherapist and curator Kelly Jayne points out, home is "a place within our selves". It is through images of the home, ornately decorated with flowers, chandeliers and wallpaper, that Rhys James explores issues of domesticity and the relationship between women and interiors.


This is a unique show with a mix of media and extremes of scale that has been assembled, quite deliberately, from artists around the UK including Sue Williams, Katherine Russell, James Rielly, Matthew Krishanu, Kelly Jayne, Andrew Crane and Ingrid Christie. "They literally bring their home to a new, temporary 'home' in the gallery where each image captures a feeling or element of the theme" says Jayne. 

May 29, 2014