Shani Rhys James – ‘Cassandra’s Rant’, Ceredigion Museum

Shani Rhys James will be exhibiting at the Ceredigion Museum, based in the striking, old Coliseum Cinema in Aberystwyth, from 17th January – 14th March, 2015.


Curated by Alice Briggs, this is the first opportunity to see the whole series of magical, dramatic and sculptural automata created by Rhys James in 2006. Conceived as early as 1994, she eventually created these sculptures from found and recycled parts as a multi-media, 3D experience. The automata are based on the iconic and symbolic objects which inhabit her paintings, including the cot, doll’s house, petticoat and pram. This contemporary collection of animated sculptures will resonate in the midst of the toys, old furniture and stuffed animals which fill the museum’s other spaces.


As part of the programme, Shani Rhys James will be giving a talk in the gallery on Saturday 24th January at 2pm.


For further information please read more here.

January 8, 2015