Shani Rhys James - Pallant House

A new exhibition in Pallant House Gallery’s De’Longhi Print Room will bring together representations of women created by women artists from the Gallery’s extensive prints and drawings collection. The exhibition will consider the challenges faced by women artists working in the early 20th century, and how their representations of women have evolved to the present day, including works by Suzanne Valadon, Laura Knight, Prunella Clough, Shani Rhys James and Paula Rego.


Featured in the show is Shani Rhys James’ etching, ‘The Hand Mirror’ (2008), depicting a small girl holding a hand mirror and surrounded by an oppressive group of mannequins dressed in theatrical costume. The hand mirror is a talismanic object to Rhys James who uses a paint-encrusted mirror constantly in her studio, not to seek a direct likeness but rather to check the fall of light on skin or in an eye. She does not attempt to recreate a true reality in her work but rather to explore her own personal mythology and subconscious.



Women Artists: The Female Gaze

28 June– 15 October 2017
De’Longhi Print Room

Pallant House


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September 25, 2017