Shani Rhys James 'The Rivary of Flowers'

Shani Rhys James' exhibition 'The Rivary of Flowers' opens on Tuesday 12th November at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and will run until Saturday 11th January. 


‘The Rivalry of Flowers’, deals with obsessive interiors and anarchic flowers used as a metaphor for the sublimation of female creativity in status furnishings and decoration.  Rhys James says “there is something dark and wild and crazy about flowers, yet in wallpaper designs they are controlled in a pattern and prettified. In our culture women are also prettified – she is part of the floral background, part of the furniture in a way. She has become just another decorative interior thing.” 


The exhibition includes new paintings plus the first showing of Florilingua, a painting installation incorporating poetry and video. 

November 12, 2013